John McAfee Invents Something on Blockchain

Bitcoin forums didn’t share much enthusiasm about John McAfee or his latest project

McAfeeDex is poised to launch on Monday. Bitcoin advocate John McAfee announced the launch of his latest crypto project on Friday.

So, what is it?

McAfee first described it as “a decentralized exchange running on the Ethereum blockchain.”

From there, it is complicated: Like a scribbled treasure map on the back of a napkin during a bar’s closing time.

On Friday, McAfree sent a screenshot of the platform. He said it “requires no name, no documents, no email, no bank info. Transaction details private. Nothing monitored. Nothing recorded. No restrictions. No listing fees. 0.25% transaction fees. Completely decentralized.”

Sure… it’s Monday, so we’ll dive into this one. Here’s what we know so far.

What is McAfeeDex?

According to the website for the project – McAfreeDex will Beta release on October 7. It claims that users can any “Eth based token” to the exchange for no fee. From there, it’s entirely unclear what else we know aside from these other two statements:

  • “McAfeeDex has no limits, collects 0 customer information, and blocks no jurisdictions”
  • “McAfeeDex has a single platform fee of 0.25% for takers. There are 0 maker fees”

There isn’t much else out there on the project, except for a heap of criticism and questions.

McAfee: “Hit or Miss”

The Bitcoin bull has been quite active with side projects and prognostications in cryptocurrency.

First, McAfee recently said that he expects Bitcoin to hit $1 million in 2020, a figure that seems quite mathematically improbable in just 15 months’ time. He further said he would eat a very sensitive part of his anatomy on live television if that price didn’t come to fruition.

Second, he planned to launch his own cryptocurrency called the McAfee Freedom Coin. However, he recently told BeInCrypto that he canceled the project. He would later cite personal circumstances for the cancelation.

Now, McAfee’s latest mystery announcement is McAfeeDex.

Critics on didn’t share too much enthusiasm after the announcement.

Despite the criticism, McAfee says he has a higher mission despite his back-and-forth success on cryptocurrency. “I’ve been hit and miss in the Crypto Community for the past few months, but I’ve been doing the Lord’s work,” he tweeted.

Hey… he stole Lloyd Blankfein’s line.

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