Alternative Investments/ESG: MKS PAMP Launches ETF Backed By Carbon-Neutral Gold Bars

UBS is the sourcing partner of the new ‘Carbon Compensated Gold Exchange Traded Fund’ (ETF) from MKS PAMP.

Swiss gold trading house MKS PAMP has partnered with UBS to launch the world’s first carbon-neutral gold ETF, which is backed by carbon-neutral gold bars sourced from MKS PAMP and certified by the Carbon Trust. The initiative will allow climate risk-oriented clients to invest in certified gold that meets strict environmental criteria and reduce the carbon footprint of their portfolios.

The carbon emissions of the gold bars will be measured and neutralized, and a robust carbon management plan will be implemented to ensure a continuous reduction in emissions. MKS PAMP has achieved certification of its gold portfolio through the Carbon Trust, and outstanding emissions are compensated by carbon offset contracts.

MKS PAMP purchased carbon offsets from an endorsed standard and supplied by ClearSky to neutralize the outstanding emissions of the UBS ETF gold bars.

This will support afforestation in Vichada, Colombia, and create employment opportunities in the region.

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