Alternative Investments/ESG: New ETF From UBS For Exposure To Swiss Equity + ESG

UBS launches the UBS SPI ESG ETF (SPISI SW).

The new ETF from UBS Asset Management provides broad exposure to the Swiss equity market with an additional focus on ESG factors. (ETF Strategy)

The ETF has listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange.


Christian Bahr, Head Index Services in the Business Unit Financial Information of SIX, said: “We are delighted that UBS Asset Management launched an ETF on the SPI ESG Weighted Index. With the new Swiss ESG indices, we offer the choice between traditional and ESG index versions helping investors reflect ESG risks and opportunities into portfolios. The SPI ESG Weighted Index offers comparable returns, volatility, and diversification as its parent benchmark SPI.”

SIX currently offers two SPI ESG indices for equities based on the Swiss Performance Index (SPI). For bonds, there are 20 new SBI ESG indices available, all based on the Swiss Bond Index (SBI).

The UBS SPI ESG ETF (SPISI SW) links to the SPI ESG Weighted (Total Return) Index. The index excludes companies deriving more than 5% of their revenue from ‘disputed sectors.’ These are adult entertainment, alcohol, defense, gambling, genetic engineering, nuclear energy, coal, oil sands, and tobacco.

The remaining companies are then assigned an ESG Impact Rating (Scale from A to D) from Swiss sustainability ratings agency Inrate. Companies with a rating of C or below are then excluded.

The fund charges a management fee of 0.15%.

According to the Swiss Stock Exchange, UBS is among the most active ETF issuers and has launched the most new products on indices by SIX for the last five years. Among the 1,537 ETFs currently available to investors on the Swiss Stock Exchange, 338 are UBS products.

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