Investing in Mortgage Notes – Highclere Group – with Mahmood Motani

Listen to Mahmood Motani, founder Highclere Group, explain the mortgage note buying and selling marketplace.  As a former real estate entrepreneur, Mahmood discusses how Highclere buys and sells mortgage notes.  Secured by real estate, these mortgage notes require no management and create positive cash flow.  Buying non-performing notes at a discount nationwide,

Hedge Fund – Meson Capital – with Ryan Morris

Listen to Ryan, an engineer and entrepreneur, describe the dual faceted methodology of Meson Capital in helping strong companies  grow while using Machine Learning to identify potential Short positions in the public markets.  Looking to build small companies (typically public companies) thru deep value evaluation, they have found that the impediment to

Actively Managed Funds – Flexible Plan Investments – with Peter Mauthe

Since 1981, FPI has been providing actively managed accounts to investment advisors for their clients, with over 100 active strategies currently and over 20,000 investor accounts.  With “Rules Based” systems, using Separately Managed Accounts,  FPI actively manages positions, allowing for discretionary deployment of cash,  often tailored to a specific asset class, with