Preqin Executive Report: Less than 12% of Senior Roles in Alternatives Are Occupied by Women

The new report highlights changes in female leadership in private capital and hedge funds.

A new Preqin executive report shows that women hold a small number of executive roles in the alternative investment industry. Preqin data shows that more women are working in the hedge fund and private equity space than in 2017. However, women occupy just 12% of senior roles at these companies. The new report shows that men still dominate the alternative investment space.

Preqin Executive Report: Women in Alternative Assets 2020

The new report offers a few key conclusions from Preqin’s data.

  • Women represent 19.7% of the alternatives workforce, an increase of 0.9 percentage points compared with 2017.
  • Private equity, venture capital, and hedge funds now have a larger proportion of female employees.
  • Private debt, real estate, infrastructure and natural resources recorded decreases in female representation.
  • The proportion of women declines as seniority increases: at senior levels, the proportion of women is significantly lower than at junior levels, and real estate is the asset class with the lowest share (8.5%) of female employees in leadership positions.
  • Following significant pressure caused by gender discrimination allegations at high-profile firms, venture capital has shown the most improvement. The representation of women is now higher across junior (36.3%), mid-level (29.9%) and senior (13.5%) roles.

You can get a copy of the factsheet and more information on the report, right here.

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