Private Equity: PE Powerhouse One Equity Partners Completes Acquisition of Spartronics

July 23, 2020 | News, Private Equity

Middle market private equity firm, One Equity Partners (OEP), has officially completed the acquisition of Spartronics.   The management team is led by CEO Paul Fraipont, who states that he looks forward to adding value to the company and growing Spartronics.  Further, the company hopes to bring more value to its customers by investing in technology. 

One Equity Partners is a regular investor in the electronics manufacturing services industry.  This investment strategy assists the firm in achieving company growth and, fundamentally, OEP saw Spartronics as a strong electronic manufacturing services company that can bring growth and transformation to the firm. 

OEP managing director Konstantin Ryzhkov stated “We believe that Spartronics’ footprint and deep engineering expertise provides the ideal base on which to build a leading global EMS provider through organic initiatives, inorganic growth and new strategic partnerships.”  

Some past investments that One Equity Partners has made include the acquisition of ORS Medco — a wholesaler of maintenance and repair services — as well as pipe manufacturer Anvil International.  Clearly, the firm has a record of making valuable acquisitions with high potential.  

About Spartronics

Spartronics is headquartered in Watertown, South Dakota and specializes in engineering, manufacturing, contract design, sub-assemblies, medical, and industrial markets.  The company has nine facilities based in the United States and one facility in Vietnam.  The company aims to keep up with its competitors who are seeking advanced electronic manufacturing services.  Its partnership with OEP is demonstrative of a corporate carve-out that allows company growth and customer satisfaction.  

One Equity Partners 

One Equity Partners is a middle market private equity firm that invests in healthcare, technology, and industrial sectors.  Essentially, its strategy consists of business transformation, but includes a diverse range of investments.  It has $10 billion in total assets and has completed more than 180 transactions globally.  The firm is headquartered in New York City and Chicago. 

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