Artificial Intelligence: The ARCAS AI System Packs Info Into Assault Rifle Sights

September 8, 2021 | Artificial Intelligence, News

The ARCAS system sits on top of the rifle and displays information of the surroundings to the soldier via the gunsight.

Israeli defense company Elbit Systems has developed ARCAS, an AI system that displays layers of data inside the sight of an assault rifle such as the M4 (pictured above). ARCAS is an acronym for Assault Rifle Combat Application, which runs on a computer residing on the weapon and presents the information in the rifle’s electro-optical (EO) sight and through an optional helmet-mounted eyepiece. (C4ISRNET)

ARCAS is currently being assessed by the Israel Defense Forces. An attractive feature of the system is that what the soldier sees through the rifle sight is similar to the display in a first-person shooter video game.

How it works

“The miniaturized computer unit receives and processes real-time data collected from the soldier’s field of vision (as perceived by the EO sight), tactical information from C2 systems, information from other ARCAS users in the team and rifle mechanical information,” said a statement from Elbit. “Similar to fighter pilot’s helmets, the embedded combat information is presented to the soldier as an augmented reality layer on-top of the scenery.”

By toggling buttons on the rifle grip the shooter can switch between different layers of information including motion detection, range, ammunition levels, wind, and more data.

Elbit used their expertise in thermal night vision sights and scopes in the development of ARCAS. It can be mounted on any rifle with Picatinny rails, and is easy to update.

The inbuilt AI that runs on ARCAS can also process big data and related applications, even the possibility of automatic target recognition.

Additional capabilities include navigation and communication capabilities as well as video recording for transmission to mission control.

Elbit is working on connecting a soldier’s ARCAS system to the unit’s communication systems for additional paybacks in battle.

“Internal unit communications enables many applications, such as transmitting a picture or video from soldier to soldier, transferring coordinates, positioning of forces and allocation of targets — all while transmitting the information back to the commander and receiving orders, coordinates or targets,” said Arie Chernobrov, general manager of Elbit Security Systems.

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Image of M4 carbine of the IDF : Wikimedia Commons

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