Artificial Intelligence: The Pentagon Harnesses AI For “Days-Ahead” Outlook On World Events

The Global Information Dominance Experiments (GIDE), a mix of AI, cloud computing and sensors, enables the Pentagon to predict world events days in advance.

NORTHCOM Commander Gen. Glen D. VanHerck revealed that the US Northern command recently completed the third in a series of tests of the Global Information Dominance Experiments (GIDE) with the objective to “leap forward our ability to maintain domain awareness, achieve information dominance and provide decision superiority in competition and crisis.” GIDE is an amalgam of machine learning, sensors around the globe, commercially available information and cloud computing. (

The system is able to analyse changes in real-time data and deliver warnings of developments that could pose a threat. Looking ahead “days in advance,” it would help the US military take timely decisions to prepare for and defend against hostile world events.


Gen. VanHerck said that GIDE 3 focused on “contested logistics,” such as for example a challenge by a peer competitor to a critical line of communication such as the Panama Canal.

The general commented on the results:

“What — what we’ve seen is the ability to get way further what I call left, left of being reactive to actually being proactive. And I’m talking not minutes and hours, I’m talking days – the ability to see days in advance creates decision space.”

“Decision space for me as an operational commander to potentially posture forces to create deterrence options to provide that to the secretary or even the president.”

GIDE could be operational in the real military world soon, Gen. VanHerck said.

“We’re not creating new capabilities to go get data and information. This information exists from today’s satellites, today’s radar, today’s undersea capabilities, today’s cyber, today’s intel capabilities. The data exists,” the general clarified. “What we’re doing is making that data available… and shared into a cloud, where machine learning and artificial intelligence look at it and they process it really quickly and provide it to decision-makers, which I call decision superiority.”

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