Artificial Intelligence: Tree-Strapped AI Sentries Warn Of Deforestation In Real Time

Scientists and environmentalists are now deploying AI in their battle against tree cutters and deforestation.

Small AI-equipped boxes called “curupiras” have been deployed in the Brazilian Amazon to combat deforestation. These boxes use sensors and AI software to detect sounds of chainsaws and tractors, signaling potential threats in real-time.

Unlike satellite data, a curupira can identify deforestation as it occurs. The device, which is named in homage to a legendary forest entity that targets hunters and poachers, is equipped with sensors and software specifically designed to identify noises like chainsaws, tractors, or any potential sources of deforestation. These wireless sensors relay data to a central point, allowing for rapid response. (PHYS.ORG)

The project, financed by Hana Electronics, has shown promising results and aims to expand its sensor network, potentially adding capabilities to detect forest fires.

This initiative is part of efforts to address illegal deforestation in the Amazon region. President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has made a commitment to eradicate unlawful deforestation in the Amazon region by the year 2030.

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