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Artificial Intelligence News: AI will add $15 trillion to the global economy (according to Gartner) by 2030. This fast-moving, technological breakthrough is powering the next industrial revolution and will disrupt the global economy in unforeseen ways. The DailyAlts AI channel tracks the latest developments, capital flows, technological advancements, and other influences that will transform the 2020s.

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Artificial Intelligence: AI Helping Manage Wind Farms By Forecasting Wind Conditions

January 22, 2021

AI is playing an increasingly bigger role in the management of wind energy, wind farms, and the maintenance of wind turbines through machine condition monitoring systems. Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL) predicts wind conditions and production for the next day for its 700 MW wind energy resources, gaining an edge in its power market operations. In Europe, the SmartWind project seeks to cut costs and optimize revenues, while a German company is using big data and AI for fault diagnosis of wind turbines.


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Digital Assets: Blockchain And AI Combine To Optimize Car Parking In Munich

November 12, 2020

Cambridge-based AI lab and enterprise blockchain solutions provider Datarella announced trials of M-ZONE, their smart city zoning infrastructure. The project will utilize multi-agent blockchain-based AI digitization services to unlock data and provide smart mobility solutions around commercial real estate in the city center.

Venture Capital: A Big Fundraise, And An Acquisition, In Cybersecurity

November 12, 2020

SentinelOne announced Wednesday its Series F raise of $267 million in a round led by Tiger Global Management, with participation from Sequoia Capital Global Equities and existing investors including Insight Partners and Third Point Ventures. The same day, Palo Alto Networks (NYSE: PANW) announced its agreement to acquire Expanse Inc for approximately $ 800 million.

Artificial Intelligence: The European Space Agency Will Use AI to Burn Space Debris

November 12, 2020

The European Space Agency is embarking on its first mission to remove space debris from orbit. A rough estimate, about 34,000 pieces of junk are presently orbiting the Earth, and their presence is a danger to space missions carrying cargo and humans. At risk also are expensive satellites that perform essential services for mankind such as communications, weather prediction, and the Internet. The ESA’s first target is to recover an obsolete payload adapter – the Vespa Upper Part – that is currently orbiting at 660 km above the Earth.

Artificial Intelligence: Auto Remarketing Company V.I.P. Auctions To Use AI For Vehicle Inspections

November 11, 2020

UVeye is a computer vision company that develops automated inspection systems for vehicles, powered by artificial intelligence and proprietary hardware. It announced Tuesday that Georgia-based V.I.P. Auctions will be the first remarketing group in the U.S. to utilize its artificial intelligence technology to support inspections of pre-owned vehicles.

Artificial Intelligence: The Vatican Library Deploys AI To Secure Its Digital Collections From Bad Actors

November 10, 2020

It’s a mammoth project. The Vatican Apostolic Library, also known as the “Pope’s Library,” was established in 1451 and holds an invaluable collection of manuscripts. These range from classical Greek and Latin literature, medieval and Renaissance illuminated manuscripts all the way to texts on mathematics, science, law, and medicine that are over 2,000 years old.

Venture Capital: California Headquartered Chinese Driverless Company Raises $267M

November 9, 2020, a Chinese company that is testing its autonomous driving technology in California and China, has nabbed $267 million in its latest fundraising, bringing its cumulative financing to over $1 billion. The round saw participation by existing investors Fidelity China Special Situations PLC, 5Y Capital (formerly Morningside Venture Capital), ClearVue Partners, and Eight Roads. Interestingly, the Teachers’ Innovation Platform (TIP), a fund from the stable of the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan Board, led the round.

Artificial Intelligence: Amidst The Middle East’s New-Found Love For AI, Mubadala Owns A Piece Of Group42

November 9, 2020

Mubadala, the deep-pocketed sovereign wealth fund based in Abu Dhabi (pictured above), now owns a minority stake in Group42, which provides AI and cloud-powered industry solutions in the region. Mubadala announced its investment on Friday after Group42 acquired the Injazat and Khazna Data Centres.

Artificial Intelligence: NotCo Launches An AI-Formulated, Plant-Based Milk

November 6, 2020

NotCo is a Latin American foodtech startup that uses artificial intelligence in the formulation of its plant-based milk NotMilk. Backed by VCs such as Bezos Expeditions, Maya Capital, Indie Bio, Humboldt, and L Catterton, the company has launched NotMilk at Whole Foods Markets across the U.S.

FinTech: Clarity AI Raises $15M For ESG Platform

November 5, 2020

Clarity AI is a fintech whose proprietary technology platform enables investors to understand the social and environmental impact of their portfolios. It is, therefore, a useful tool in the current times when ESG is front-of-mind for both retail and institutional investors.

Artificial Intelligence: The AI-Powered Nudemeter For Dark-Skinned Women

November 5, 2020

Atima Lui, who is of Sudanese and African-American descent, created the Nudemeter because of the difficulty she faced finding makeup colors that suited her dark and rich skin tone. The Nudemeter is a computer-vision tool that helps shoppers choose the best product for their complexion.

Artificial Intelligence: Pope Francis Asks For Divine Help On AI And Robotics

November 4, 2020

Pope Francis appealed to Catholics around the world to pray that robotics and AI would forever remain in the service of human beings.

Artificial Intelligence: Ambarella’s New Computer Vision Chip For AI-On-Edge

November 3, 2020

Ambarella, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMBA) has unveiled its new CV28M SoC (System on Camera) chip for intelligent applications required to run “on edge.” These include smart home security, retail monitoring, consumer robotics, occupancy monitoring and in smart cars.

Artificial Intelligence: Air Street Capital’s New Fund; Intel’s Snaps Up AI Startup SigOpt

November 2, 2020

London-based Air Street Capital announced Friday its close of a $17 million fund to back early-stage “AI-native” startups. The venture firm positions itself too as an AI-native investor – because “generalism is dead” and its team of Operating Partners combines AI expertise with deep sector-specific knowledge.

Artificial Intelligence: AI Detects COVID From Cellphone Recorded Coughs

October 30, 2020

A person who is contagious but asymptomatic for COVID-19 coughs differently from healthy individuals.
The difference in coughing may not be discernible to the ordinary person, but a trained AI model can pick it up, according to researchers at MIT. Their system analyzes forced-cough recordings taken on a cellphone or laptop and submitted via the internet. It highlighted COVID-19 positivity with near-total accuracy.

Artificial Intelligence: Apple Shells Out $50M For Video AI Startup Vilynx

October 29, 2020

Earlier this year, Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) acquired Vilynx, a Barcelona-based startup that uses AI and computer vision technology to analyze a video’s visual, audio, and text elements. Reportedly, the iPhone maker clinched the acquisition for $50 million. (Bloomberg)

Artificial Intelligence: The USPTO Deploys AI To Gauge AI Trends In Patents

October 28, 2020

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) said in its October report, “Inventing AI – Tracing The Diffusion Of Artificial Intelligence With US Patents,” that annual AI-related applications rose from 30,000 in 2002 to more than 60,000 in 2018. That showed more than a 100% increase.

Artificial Intelligence: Intel First To Deploy AI “On Edge” In Space

October 27, 2020

Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) has the distinction of launching the first onboard AI processing chip into space. Earlier this month, the European Space Agency and Intel announced the successful deployment in space of PhiSat-1, the first-ever satellite with onboard AI-processing capabilities. Launched from a rocket dispenser on September 2, the PhiSat-1 is positioned about 530 km above our heads, moving at a speed of 27,500 km per hour in a sun-synchronous orbit.

Artificial Intelligence: How AI Watches For Pirates On The High Seas

October 26, 2020

A maritime anti-piracy system from a Singaporean engineering company uses AI to deliver fully automated piracy alerts to ocean-going vessels, particularly in pirate-infested waters such as near Somalia and the South China Seas.

Artificial Intelligence: Saudi Crown Prince Calls For AI To Tackle The “New Global Normal”

October 23, 2020

Saudi Arabia hosted a two-day Global AI Summit commencing Wednesday at Riyadh. In a speech on its opening day Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said that 2020 presented the “perfect opportunity” to test the potential of artificial intelligence in the face of the unprecedented challenges from the Covid 19 pandemic.

Artificial Intelligence: Boston Dynamics’ ‘Spot’ Robot To Work On Construction Sites

October 22, 2020

Autonomous robots will now work on construction sites to collect data and perform repetitive tasks such as site scans, surveys, and tracking progress of work. On Tuesday, Trimble Construction (NASDAQ: TRMB) and Boston Dynamics announced their partnership to integrate Trimble’s construction data collection technologies with Boston Dynamics’ Spot robotic platform.

Artificial Intelligence: By 2070, Robotic Judges Will Analyze Body Language To Pin Guilt

October 21, 2020

AI specialist Terence Mauri believes that robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) will advance to a point where a robot judge could pass judgment with 99.9% accuracy using body language to detect signs of lying. 50 years from now, these robots will be fluent in every known language, show courtesy in the court, and deliver verdicts with near-total fairness and accuracy.

Artificial Intelligence: Aiden, The AI-Powered Electronic Trading Platform From RBC

October 20, 2020

RBC Capital Markets has leveraged Artificial Intelligence (AI) to achieve improved trading results and insights for its clients. Aiden, RBC’s electronic trading platform uses a deep neural network, centralized learning, a robust reward system, and exploration as the four key components in its global framework. The platform can learn from its interactions with the market and adjusts itself on the fly to fast-changing trading conditions.

Artificial Intelligence: Use Of AI To Monitor Construction Progress

October 19, 2020

Buildots launched in 2018 to turn construction sites into digitized environments using computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI). Projects are ever-expanding and often are controlled by just a handful of managers. A small error or delay can jeopardize the critical path for the project to complete on time and within cost. However, Buildots’ technology can help manage all that complexity and detail.

Artificial Intelligence: Singapore Researchers Develop Robots That Feel Pain And Heal Themselves Using AI

October 16, 2020

The NTU scientists innovated memtransistors, which are “brain-like” electronic devices that can process information and are capable of memory functions. They embedded these memtransistors, which function as artificial pain receptors and synapses, into AI-enabled sensor nodes in the robot. These nodes can process and respond to “pain” caused by impact from a physical force. In case of a minor injury, the robot can also repair its damage without human assistance.